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  • 輪播廣告

        The company name is Hangzhou Chengzhen Garments Industry co., LTD., belonging we have three direct factory (since founded successively in 300 people scale by Ouhai Wenzhou city, yangzhou baoying of 150 scale workers, zhenjiang danyang 160 scale creates three production base).
    And in Hangzhou Binjiang office we set up a set design, research and development, sales, sample room for the integration of the business center, at the same time the company has more than 10 outsourcing factory (prison) and north Korea factory human resources advantages, in good price and product quality and delivery time has a very high capacity advantage;
    Our factory mainly produces men's and women's casual fashion jackets, windbreakers, jackets, PU and suede jackets, cotton-padded jackets, down jackets, denim jackets, all kinds of cotton washed casual jackets, etc. Mainly export for European and some North America and local brands: for example River Island, Guess, ZARA, Pull & Bear, Moon city, Semir and Balabala etc.
    Hopefully we could be your strong and professinal factory in men's and women's leisure fashion garments based on our competitive price;
    Thank you for your business support, welcome to visit us soon.
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